Veronika Mindal - singer, actress, producer, director.

Veronika was born in in the family of cultural workers.

Her father - Eduard Mykhailovych, like his parents, was a teacher, he played piano, accordion and other instruments, also was a conductor of various choirs and orchestras.

Her mother - Tetiana Oleksandrivna, has worked for 20 years in the field of culture, was the director of Culture and and cinemas.

Due to this, since her childhood Veronika has been surrounded by art, being in the midst of the city's cultural events, seeing how it all comes from within.

After graduation from school, Veronika has been working as a model at the following agencies: Art-podium in , Merilin in Kyiv, as well as other leading agencies in , Europe and Usa. She travels a lot around the world taking part in shows and photo shootings for magazines. She is appearing on the center spreads and the covers of such magazines as: Velmozha, Passage, Touch, Wellness, Cosmolady and others.

She is fond of fashion and has made her debut as a fashion designer by creating her collections in 2012 and 2013. She also works as interiors designer.

After graduation from the institute she has received a law degree. She has two leasing real estate companies in Kyiv and Prague AlmondAestheticAlliance. And also in 2012 she has received a second degree in psychology. That subsequently helps in studying of acting art and acting technique.Veronika has been writing poetry and songs and has recorded "I'm not a toy" album of her songs. in 2010, she has completed the course of  TV  presenter and tried herself in this profession. After moving to in 2012 she starts cooperation with such Russian TV channels as: Russia-1, STS, STB and FridayTV, she has been working with Mariya Aronova in the TV show "Lyublyu ne mogu" at Russia-1 . She is the winner of such shows as: "Svidanie so Zvezdoy", "Koroleva Shopinga", participant of "Novogodniy Parad Zvezd" and "Goluboy Ogoniok" with Vladimir Vinokur. She has been acting in movies and advertisement. In 2015 she starts a deep study of acting and went to Los Angeles at the Lee Strasberg Institute to study acting. She has been studying scenery and direction. She shoots her first music videos in which she is the screenwriter, producer, actress and singer in the English language songs «In Your eyes», and "I shine for you". She has finished oratory courses at Specialist school and Adobe Premier Pro for videos editing. In addition, Veronika continues to work as an author and performer. She is preparing to release a new musical album; she directs and mounts her clips. The singer leaves open the possibility that in the future she will be able to act as clip maker, both for herself and for other artists. She is planning to open her production company Almond Production. She has currently been working on the script of Werewolf series.